Julia Bekker New York City Matchmaker and Love Boss Matchmaking, the Palm Beach Dating Service Cofounder interviewed on Fox Nation. Topics included discussions of if America ready for a single President.

Julia’s New York City Matchmaking Service is called Hunting Maven. She is also still an affiliate to Janis Spindel (considered by some to be the best matchmaker in the world).

Julia is also the resident Dating Expert for the New York Post and Elite Daily.

The fact that Fox News has reached out to Julia shows the level of credibility she has achieved. There is even talk now of a possible original series and being the resident dating expert to one of the largest dating app providers.

This is no surprise since Love Boss Matchmaking was just selected to test a whole new generation of dating app in the U.S. That project, was originally developed by their marketing group, based in Florida, who also is considered the best in the world at marketing strategies for the dating and relationship industries.

This entire team from marketing, technical expertise and matchmaking skills has elevated Love Boss Matchmaking and Hunting Maven to a new level in the industry.

The core business is unique that the matchmaking process is custom tailored to each client not just matching to a database. By providing this one on one level of service the rate of success is higher.

Women can join for free and be a candidate to the male clientele or can also be clients themselves.

Dating coaching services are available for both men and women

AND now both men and women can join the new dating site for a free trial or request a free consultation.