Matchmaking Services

The Process


Our process begins with an initial consultation with a matchmaker. We then establish your criteria for a perfect match and discuss possible game plans. We offer single introduction, six-month or one-year matchmaking packages.


When it’s time to search for matches, there are no limits to the scope of our search. We’re headhunters working exclusively for you, based on your preferences. We utilize our extensive member database and a referral network of matchmakers. Additionally, we have access to thousands of prospects across the U.S. and Canada through our recruiters.


With hand-selected and pre-screened matches, we’re ready. We can optionally provide concierge-level service that will coordinate all the logistics including perfect venue, reservations, time and date. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your first date.


We’ll discuss with you how the date went. Did you say and do the right things? How did the date end? Date feedback is a benefit included in our highly personalized service. This provides valuable information to help you succeed and get a second date and additional dates. This is an important opportunity to get some perspective on how you’re being perceived, as well as how to optimize your ability to make the best impression.