We offer Professional Matchmaking and Dating Coach Services

Professional Matchmaking

We offer custom tailored packages that will fit any client’s needs. Even if you want just one introduction we can work with you on a budget. For women its always free to join. 

Dating Coaching

If you are having trouble with first dates or have been out of the dating seen for awhile, we will help navigate you to success. We even offer live on demand coaching.

Image Consulting

Need a self confidence boost ? We can help with everything from writing a dating app profile to professional photography or even dating wingman services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Boutique Matchmaker is a highly-trained romantic-compatibility expert whose primary goal is finding you a passionate, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship. Our matchmakers do this by understanding each client on a specific and personal level. We assess what in your relationship past has gone right and gone wrong, uncover what you’re looking for out of a relationship and why, and then we develop a customized plan to collaboratively set up face-to-face meetings with individuals who are perfectly suited for you.

We focus on a small team of elite clients who are looking for premium-quality matches. Our Clients are well educated, intelligent, dynamic, kind, attractive, creative, and personally interested in you.

Our matchmakers have years of experience in understanding romantic psychology, what makes attraction occur, how people are perfectly suited for one another, and where to find you partners. Matchmaking has never been easier and more effective, with the power of the internet and seasoned matching veterans.

There are many different factors that determine romantic chemistry and compatibility. Perhaps you’ve known two people who seem like a perfect fit for each other.

So what is it that gives the “spark” to couples who are in love and their relationship seems to glide along with no troubles in it at all ?

With many years experience of matching couples, we’ve learned what to look for in people. Almost a sixth sense of compatibility.

First, we meet every potential client personally. During the initial meeting, we will chat with you about everything from a “wish list” to family values and where to raise your children, to habits you like in a partner, mannerisms, background, education level, hobbies, siblings, and anything else you think isrelevant.

There are no computer programs on earth that can truly match clients properly. That is why there are so few success stories with Dating Apps.

We provide a “hands-on” approach with extensive follow-up and feedback after each introduction. 

First off, the matchmaking service is free for women. Women can enter their profile online for free. There is no guarantee you’ll be matched as men are our paying clients.

We will usually only contact you if we have an interested client. 

For men the service is based on the number of matches we find for you. 

Men can select as few as one match or usually as high as 6. 

The fee is based on location and client requirements. 

A single match can be as low as $1,000. 

First off, we do background checks on everyone before there are any introductions.

Two of the main reasons people come to matchmakers is the privacy and safety.

If you use a dating app, it is pubic to anyone on that service. Some people are uncomfortable with having neighbors or family members knowing that they are dating.

We do not publish any information that you provide. 

Many of our clients are high profile elite men that require privacy for their own security. 


Generally we only accept men as clients.

We do consider taking women clients in certain cities. The reason is there are usually more single women as opposed to men. This makes matching women a more difficult process and therefore more expensive.

If you are a women and want to be a client, please enter your free profile and send us an email at We’ll set up a phone consultation to discuss. 

We provide matchmaking services in most major cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Beyond our database of profiles, we work with a network of matchmakers worldwide. 

This is especially helpful for women who join our database as we always have requests from other matchmakers that are looking for women. 

We provide phone and video chat for other services including Dating Coach and Image Consulting. These services can be provided anywhere since they are virtual. 

Dating Coaching is available 24/7 via Dating Coach Live, 

Charlotte DiLuzio

Manager / Dating Coach