Breakers Palm Beach Resort Is Now The Place For High End Matchmaker Clients

Breakers Palm Beach Resort is place is now the place for high end matchmaker clients

The West Palm Beach area is well known for its great resorts like The Breakers and Hilton but now the #1 South Florida professional matchmaking company has client’s loving these places too. According to Miami and West Palm Beach Professional Matchmakers, Love Boss Matchmaking, The Breakers Palm Beach Resort is now the place for high end matchmaker clients.

Love Boss Matchmaking’s clients are professional men seeking a serious relationship. Women can become candidates for no charge just by signing up.

This is not a service for those seeking casual dating. Clients are not “sugar daddies” looking for “gold digger” women but men who want the real deal and Love Boss definitely delivers. The word is out in South Florida.

In fact a recent client met what the couple now calls their “soul mates” on the very first match !

The secret to the success of Love Boss Matchmaking is the successful business model developed over the past 15 years in New York City and the founder, Julia Bekker’s affiliation with Janis Spindel. The big difference is this expertise does not cost men the typical $125,000+ but starts at $10,000 for the same level of service !

By using local “love recruiters” in South Florida not only does Love Boss have an advantage with boots on the ground over other matchmakers who are not local, but there is a tremendous cost saving that is passed on to the client.

The process and why it is different is simple. Most professional matchmakers rely totally on a database of singles, just like a dating app or online dating site. Some matchmakers get referrals from other sources and a very select few actually go out on the scene and recruit. Love Boss does all 3 (database, referral and recruiting).

So what happens when there is a possible match, how and where to they meet ? It seems that The Breakers’ great places like Echo and HMF are now becoming very popular meeting places.

Bottom line, if you’re a busy professional man who genuinely wants a serious relationship and don’t want to spend a fortune but get the world class service then Love Boss Matchmaking is the only choice.

And for this area The Breakers Palm Beach Resort is place is now the place for high end matchmaker clients.