South Florida Free Matchmaking Consultation For Men

South Florida Free Matchmaking Consultation For Men

Many times, when people hear the term professional matchmaker, it can be confusing. Both women and men have questions. Love Boss is now offering in South Florida free matchmaking consultation for men.

That’s right, free. Guys, here is your chance to talk to one of our award winning matchmakers or dating coaches to get your questions answered. No obligation and no commitment required.

Typical questions we hear from men are:

How is matchmaking different than a dating app ?

One of the biggest differences is that the ladies you meet are fully vetted so no surprises. No catfish, criminals, married women or stalkers.

What is the success rate of finding a match vs a dating app ?

There are many studies on the success of dating apps, but generally the success rate ranges from a low of 20% to a high of 70%. But people typically had to go on numerous bad first dates. Matchmakers typically have an over 90% success rate with people only going on just several first dates.

The other huge benefit is the date coaching of how to conduct yourself on a first date to improve your ability to get a second date. After a date, we will discuss with you and your match how it went, providing invaluable insight of how to improve success. This is called wingman services.

To get your free consultation just sent us an email at or call us at (561)-903-0500. It’s that simple.

And remember we offer custom tailored matchmaking services so you can choose the number of matches and length of time we’ll search for you.

For women the services are free. Just sign up and we’ll let you know if any of our elite male clients have an intertest.

Love Boss provides matchmaking services across the entire U.S. and Canada. With offices in West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and Miami, we have you covered.

South Florida Free Matchmaking Consultation For Men