Florida Based Award Winning Matchmaking Service For Men Now Expanding

Florida Based Award Winning Matchmaking Service For Men Now Expanding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: West Palm Beach and Miami Florida. Florida based award winning matchmaking service for men now expanding. Love Boss Matchmaking and Love Boss Dating has added to their network of boutique matchmakers. Additionally Love Boss just won the best matchmaker in the U.S. and Canada for the second year in a row.

If you are a single professional man seeking the perfect match, Love Boss has you covered. Love Boss offers flexible options that cater to male clients. Men can sign up online. Men are the paying clients, while the service is free for women.

What makes Love Boss unique is that we work with the best of the best and largest network of matchmakes in North America. No more interview after interview with different matchmakers. Love Boss matches you with perfect matchmaker.

The process begins with a no obligation phone or video chat conference. The matchmaker will review flexible options for your budget and your requirements for the perfect match.

Unlike traditional matchmakers who are limited to their own database like online dating, Love Boss becomes your personal recruiter. Beyond our network of matchmakers, we have an even more extensive network of recruiters. They work in the community at social events, bars and other venues looking for your perfect match.

And ladies, to be a candidate, just sign up for free. We’ll schedule an interview if one of our elite clients has interest. It’s that simple.

And guys, unlike online dating or dating apps, that have a very low success rate, Love Boss has an over 90% success rate !

So, if you are a busy professional gentleman and are seeking the love of your life, Love Boss is #1 one place to go. If you’re tired of the apps and bad first dates, Love Boss is the solution.

Florida Based Award Winning Matchmaking Service For Men Now Expanding.