FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Love Boss Matchmaking announced today that they are on track for the best month in the company’s history for sign ups, according to Charlotte DiLuzio, Manager and Dating Coach. This record month for the best Miami Matchmaker and Dating Expert for men and women is “due mostly to the word spreading”.

Love Boss Matchmaking is unique in that it is not about matching people to a database, but personally getting to know their clients (men) to understand exactly what they are looking for in a woman. They are an award winning boutique matchmaking service with 15 year experience.

According to Ms. DiLuzio “Our first step is to look at our growing list of candidate ladies to see if there is a potential match. Sometimes that process works and that is where it ends for other matchmaking firms. We then begin an all-out recruitment process, looking for that perfect match. Since we are only working in South Florida we know the area better than anyone”

She continued “What we are getting is men who have not had success with dating apps or even other matchmakers. All I can say is guys if you want a match in South Florida, we are totally committed to finding you the perfect match”

Another reason for the success of Love Boss Matchmaking is that they work with a limited number of men clients. National chains simply cannot deliver the one on one hands on service when working in volume.

For ladies, the process is 100% free. Some national chains want to charge ladies for services or, in some cases, even to sign up ! And for ladies seeking dating coach services Love Boss Matchmaking does offer those as an option.

Also, ladies should sign up for special member only events in South Florida, that are not open to the public. These are great opportunities to meet men seeking a relationship in person.

Any women serious about finding a relationship with a like minded relationship seeking man should sign up, plus get the bonus of access to the events.

“So guys, what are you waiting for ?” Register now or send us an email at and find out why this is a record month For the best Miami Matchmaker and Dating Expert for men and women…