Speed Dating In South Florida Not Working For Women ?

Speed dating in South Florida not working for women

Before we even get started, are you a woman that genuinely wants to be in a serious relationship ? You may have noticed lately that there seems to be an increase in speed dating events in the Palm Beach and Miami areas. It seems speed dating may be alive and well. Then why is speed dating in South Florida not working for women ?

We recently attended a couple of events and found a few things that were not that great for starters.

One we attended in Miami, only had 3 people show up so not a good turnout. Another we attended (and actually had participated in) found literally all the men to not be physically attractive at all. At that event the women out numbered the men by about 3 to 1.

We weren’t sure if maybe it was just the area, so we reached out to a couple of other matchmakers in other cities (who sponsored some recent speed dating events). They too reported very low turnout. One told us that she asked a couple of women attendees what they thought about the whole process. What we heard, wasn’t surprising.

It goes without saying that sitting in front of someone for 5 minutes (or less) is hardly much time to get to know them. At least on a dating app, you can ready a profile about the person. The take away is if they’re physically attractive is about the only thing you’ll probably actually get out of it.

Most of the women who we talk to, who become candidates on our database, are looking for lot more than just physical attraction. They want to know if that person is truly compatible and want to have the comfort of knowing the person they are meeting is fully vetted (they are who they represent themselves to be).

The other thing that we hear a lot, and why so many South Florida women sign with us, is that we are totally private and discrete. Many women don’t want their pictures plastered all over a dating app that literally anyone can see. Not to mention all the “Hey baby you’re so hot” messages or risks of their pictures being used for catfishing.

At Love Boss Matchmaking we take the process very seriously. We genuinely want to find our women candidates the perfect match. And remember you can sign up for free !

We get to know you as we do our men clients. We are not just matching people and profiles but individually selectively recruiting that special someone you seek. And we are local with two offices in South Florida. We know the scene here because we live in it !

When asked why is speed dating in South Florida not working for women ? It’s pretty simple, ladies you deserve better.

And if you are genuinely want to be in a serious relationship we can help you !

Men and women can sign up for a free consultation. We look forward to finding you the love of your life.