Sydney Australia Matchmakers And Venue Mingle For Singles Launches

Sydney Australia Matchmakers And Venue Mingle For Singles Launches

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Love Boss Matchmaking, the premier South Florida matchmaker for men, has created a new information site. Sydney Australia matchmakers and venue mingle for singles launches. The site is Australia Mingle.

The new site initially will focus on Australia matchmakers and trendy venues for singles. Love Boss has no financial interest in any of the matchmakers. This platform is being provided to help singles be able to make an informed choice.

Love Boss continues to expand its referral base to other countries, including Australia.

Traditionally, referral information sites are run by 3rd parties that have no specific understanding of the industry. Here is a matchmaker, with no skin in the game, evaluating other matchmakers. So, definitely a no bias approach.

Australia is going through a transition from the old school dating agencies to professional matchmaking.

While dating apps are still popular, now busy professional elite men prefer the services of a matchmaker. Dating apps can have success rates under 20% while matchmakers have an over 80% success rate.

The site evaluates the top 5 local Sydney Australia matchmakers. While there are a number of matchmakers who are based in other countries, this focuses on local ones.

As we found out, there are stark differences in these matchmakers. As an example, Mirabela is clearly the one for elite professional men. Two of the matchmakers have very bad review ratings.

The top 5 matchmakers in Sydney are:

Mirabela Executive Dating (specializes in elite professional men)

Vital Partners (has a more broad clientele)

Blue Label Life (Has a negative review rating on Google)

ML Introductions (is new to the area)

Your Perfect Partner (Has negative review rating on Google)

We based our determination of who were the top matchmakers based on their visibility on Google searches.

The website, created by Blue Island Digital, utilizes brand new technology that creates dynamic floating images when selecting options. Additionally, both vertical and horizontal parallax animations are used. These effects also work on mobile as well. So, the site is visually impressive to navigate.

Future plans will allow trendy venues to be featured on the site. If you would like more information about being featured, send an email to or

Sydney Australia Matchmakers And Venue Mingle For Singles Launches