What Elite Miami Single Men Are Looking For In A Woman And How To Find It

what Elite Miami single men are looking for in a woman and how to find it

The topic of what men in South Florida are looking for in a woman is one that many women want to know. It seems that what people are looking for is always evolving. When asking what Elite Miami single men are looking for in a woman and how to find it may depend on what you are looking for.

That’s not meant to sound confusing or contradictory but maybe I can best explain by example.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 1960 88% of children lived with 2 parents but as of 2016 that number fell to 69%. And today almost 2/3 of all children have spent part of their life in a one parent home. With those statistics it’s no surprise that people are more independent.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors of compatibility is that level of independence. As an example, if you are an independent woman you are probably most suitable for an independent man. This can easily be figured out by just looking at your daily routine or lifestyle. If you like doing things alone or have a lifestyle that prevents you from spending a lot of time with a significant other, then you may want to consider yourself independent.

If you are a person who wants to spend lots of time with your partner and you don’t have a lifestyle that has you spending a fair amount of time alone then you are probably not independent.

Another factor of independence is how long have you been single ? If you have been single for over a year, bringing someone into your life may seem like bringing in an alien invader from another planet as you may by set in some ways.

Another factor is how important is being in a committed relationship to you ? Is it a very high priority or if it happens, it happens level of priority to you. People who want a relationship will put the time into finding someone. I know many people who are serious, and they treat dating like a second job, that is how important it is to them. I guess its like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Without going through all the different personal attributes that a woman may be looking for in a man and vice versa, the final piece of the puzzle is how do I find that person.

We’ll there are always the dating apps, friends, bars and maybe even social media. Millions of people use the dating apps with minimal success in actually finding a real relationship. And then there is the fact you are out on public display that anyone can see. For some the process of dating is a private one, especially professional men.

At Love Boss Matchmaking, we’ll do all the work for you, privately and discretely.  For women its free and for men we’ll price a package that works for you. And remember we are here and will meet with you in person !

So again, when trying to figure out what Elite Miami Single men are looking for in a woman and how to find it, maybe it’s a simple as just registering with us. We are available for free consultations too.