Best Boutique Matchmaker In U.S. and Canada Named By Dating Advice Blog

For Immediate Release: Best Boutique matchmaker in U.S. and Canada named by dating advice blog. My One Amor has named Love Boss Matchmaking of West Palm Beach, Best Boutique Matchmaker for 2020.

My One Amor does not accept any advertising. It is known for its no nonsense, tell it like it is, no bias stories about dating and relationships. In 2018 they named Love Boss, Best Matchmaker in South Florida. It was the first time in their history to ever name a Best Matchmaker.

What was interesting is they found that “Literally without exception all matchmakers require that you become some type of member. That is usually an expensive long term commitment.”

Love Boss Matchmaking allows clients to choose a single match with no commitments.

Love Boss Matchmaking is very unique as it utilized not only a database but a network of recruiters and matchmakers to find matches for clients. And Love Boss is well known for “A” list male clients.

Many people have become frustrated with dating apps and are choosing matchmakers. The problem has been the commitment and cost. Love Boss Matchmaking is free for women and as little as $1,000 for men.

After taking South Florida by storm Love Boss has expanded its matchmaker network all over the U.S. and Canada. The matchmakers have an average of 10 years of experience.

Additionally if you’re looking for date coaching, get it instantly at Dating Coach Live. Love Boss is the official matchmaker for Dating Coach Live. Get a free 15 minute consultation with expert coaches.

Love Boss also offers Image Consulting services.

So, if you’re looking for professional matchmaking without a big commitment, Love Boss is the choice.

And ladies, don’t forget, its free for you. (Paid recruitment services are also available)

Best Boutique matchmaker in U.S. and Canada named by dating advice blog My One Amor for 2020