Love Boss Matchmaking has created a new service called Love Boss Dating. The Miami matchmaker now offers more options for south Florida daters.

The new dating site is unique in a number of ways. Unlike traditional online dating and dating apps that you sign up for just one service, Love Boss Dating is securely linked into a whole network of dating sites across the U.S. allowing for a greater level of success. One of the drawbacks of other sites or apps is a member would must to deal with multiple profiles, multiple monthly payments and sometimes even the same people on different sites.

The other big advantage of Love Boss Dating is that its free to try and if a subscription is purchased, all the fees paid will be 100% credited back if the member decides to use Love Boss Matchmaking’s other paid services which include matchmaking and date coaching.

Now there is a complete path to a successful relationship.

Start with the dating site and if that is not successful you can move to the services of a professional matchmaker or dating coach or both.

Women have two matchmaking options. They can join Love Boss Matchmaking for free as a candidate who may be chosen by one of our male clients or they can just purchase a matchmaking package.

Regardless if you’re just starting and want to try your hand at online dating, we’ve got your covered or if you want to save all the time and energy of lots of dates then jump into a matchmaking package, you’re covered there too !

And remember we’re South Florida’s award-winning matchmaking company who knows the Miami area dating scene better than anyone.

The Miami matchmaker now offers more options for south Florida daters to give then a real path to finding love.